Reasons to walk in the mud

today we went for a walk in mud….

what we can learn….. we can be more aware of our balance, (too often we rely on others to keep us in balance)…… we can accept that mud is temporary, at one point it will turn into dirt…(nothing remains the same…. sometimes we focus on a problem that it will last forever)….. we can celebrate the dance in the mud…. (knowing that we may fall….but sometimes we do not fall)….. we can learn that sometimes we need to take a walk in the mud.

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I consider myself a life long learner. I believe that only with education and travel is one able to move forward. Each day we should place ourselves in an opportunity to teach and to learn.

3 thoughts on “Reasons to walk in the mud”

  1. Well said!

    It is also to recognize that mud is mud…..recognize it for what it is…..and that you should still desire to get clean after your walk in the mud. You never realize what clean is until you have walked in the mud even for a short distance.



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