What the snow can teach us…

Living in Cleveland, which in my opinion is the greatest place on the planet, we get this stuff called snow. There are many opinions on this blessing from above. I was recently away during the onset of our newest covering: to return to the horror stories of the events. While listening to the outrage, I was armed with my defense of this seasonal weather crop from the sky which came in abundance. There is just too much! “Perhaps, you are correct, we can look at this as a reminder to clean out our closets, to watch what we purchase, and to reduce our gluttony consumption of resources.” My car gets stuck in the snow! “Again, that does happen. Did you ever notice how strangers are jumping out of their cars to assist another who they do not know. We visit our physical strength as well as our kindness for others.” And my favorite, It is so cold! “Sometimes we can embrace the cold, knowing that we will be warm. Weather “Group think” is a very powerful thing. The air is cold, we do have to wear more clothing, but experiencing the cold is temporary for most of us. Too, often we want to live in the middle of the pendulum, neither to hot or cold. We do this with our emotions as well. Too, many of us are afraid to be chilled. We delete quickly, I am guilty myself, any picture that is flawed. Yet, the reality is we must be cold and hot. We must have a little bit of discomfort. If we do not give ourselves the opportunity, we will never really know ourselves.

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I consider myself a life long learner. I believe that only with education and travel is one able to move forward. Each day we should place ourselves in an opportunity to teach and to learn.

6 thoughts on “What the snow can teach us…”

  1. Ahhhhhh the snow– I think you are incredibly analytical and reflective over the snow. I do agree that people are so fearful to feel to the extremes and often utilize tactics in which they can numb their feelings to avoid doing just that. How can we appreciate love without knowing hate?
    How can we long for warmth when we don’t know what the cold feels like? Thanks for your commentary on life.


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