I needed to stand in the rain..

Thursday I needed to stand in the rain, for an hour. I did not plan on it as part of my day. Wednesday evening I was informed that I may not be able to participate in something I am working very hard to complete. I felt like I was hit over the head. I was without words, something I am not known for. I tried to process and understand what message I was to take from this news. I believe I know, but am not sure. There have been many occasions in my life where I was too confident with my path, but directed in another way. I think this happens for many people.

So the rain: I stopped home for a short time, as I am able to do. I am working on being mindful of my time and steps. Walking out of the door, I collect the recycles and all my bags, I close the door, then put the recycles in the can and walk to the car. It is raining, relatively hard. My drive is short I have to walk maybe 10 steps, I did not have my keys. I backtrack and the door is locked. I try to open the car door, it was also locked. I am blessed to have a son who randomly answered his phone at this time. He would be able to come and let me in.

The rain continues and picks up momentum. I have a library book in one hand and my work backpack filled to capacity. I am proud that I am not upset by this. There was a time, not too long ago where I would be in a panic. I triage the situation, I am safe in my driveway and it is not too cold, yet it is raining. I make one final attempt to check the door, yes locked. I again try to think what is the message I am supposed to be getting from this? I scan my driveway watching the rain make circles of beauty and perfection on the broken cement, driveway: we really need to get that fixed. I see the buds on the bushes: tomorrow it is supposed to be 20 degrees, today it is 50, I am not locked out tomorrow, I am lucky. I look at the garbage and recycle cans side by side: we are working hard as a family to reduce our waste, feeling very proud. As the rain comes with more force, I find myself protecting the new library book and backpack in between my doors. This is a brand new book, I was the first to take it out, I want other people to have the benefit of reading it. My backpack has work stuff, activities for my kids, I do not want it damaged. I reflect on how often I am taking care of taking care of others. I did not care about me getting wet. I did not want other people to be hurt or effective in a negative way. I am thankful for the requirement of standing in the rain.

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I consider myself a life long learner. I believe that only with education and travel is one able to move forward. Each day we should place ourselves in an opportunity to teach and to learn.

One thought on “I needed to stand in the rain..”

  1. Hello andrea. There is a massage, God knew it was going to be 20 degrees the next day so he allowed you to be stuck in the rain in 50 degree of wet weather oposs to 20 degrees of freezing cold weather. The keys getting locked in side the house is part of the plan. You were safe and your kid was your hero because he made you smile the minute he pulled up to let you in.


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