A decision with a branch….

Walking at the Cleveland Metro-parks the other day, following the windy Sunday, I saw a branch that had fallen. As I approached it my thoughts were deciding on whether I should move it off the path. This way others would have an easier trail. Sometimes, I find myself “trying” to do this: making things easier for people: even when they do not ask. I reflected that leaving it may benefit the unknown people to come behind me. Obstacles often make us stronger: yet obstacles sometimes prevent us from going as far as we could go. So, I decided to move the branch. I believe in helping people, I believe we should do what we can for those who come behind to make a better, safer journey.

As I went to lift it, I saw that not only was it frozen into the ice, but the roots were still attached. This was not as simple as I thought. It would take tools which I did not have, many people to assist, and to sever of the branch from it’s base to move it. I could be a participant in the making of the path a safer place, but not alone. I was alone.

I continued my walk thinking about the branch/tree and my journey, my path and the people I encounter. Sometimes I do try with haste to help, sometimes I am able, but always more successful when working with others. We do all have gifts.

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I consider myself a life long learner. I believe that only with education and travel is one able to move forward. Each day we should place ourselves in an opportunity to teach and to learn.

3 thoughts on “A decision with a branch….”

  1. Reading this post made me think, I like to kick things that’s in my path when I’m walking through the metro parks. Had I came up behind you and kicked that branch, I probably could had broke my foot. Your husband got a ten saws. You could had got him over there and cut that frozen stick out of the mud. Your post is beautiful.


  2. When I approach a stick or fallen tree in the park, my approach is often the same. I like to play with it, jump it, walk it like a balance beam, etc. I find that this is often how I approach challenges in life. Attacking it with “to do” lists and thoughtful contemplation to figure out a different way around. Thinking ahead to how much stronger I will be after this obstacle, and my competitive side, who will I beat by getting across this? Why is it that I am able to do this? Would it be the same if I was not given layer after layer of support in my life? Why is it that an obstacle rarely knocks me out of the game? What about others who view this as a deterrent or stopping point? This post is a reflection of how blessed I am to have the privilege of “playing” with something that can stop others in their path. Thank you for this “food for thought.”


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