Destination Pink Elephant

Planning a vacation is sometimes more exciting than the actual trip. I am proud that I have enjoyment in creating the detailed outline of our agenda for get-a ways. I like all the parts of the plan: sometimes I am let down by the results. I/We return home more tired, anxious, and less fulfilled than “I planned.”

We recently, (my husband and I) took a camping trip to Wisconsin. This is new for me, I do not enjoy the challenges of camping. I am trying a new. My husband does enjoy cooking and camping. We made the reservation for the campsite last October before the site closed for the season.

We followed all of our normal, we had the dates and somewhat of “an opportunity agenda”, things we could do. Reflecting on over planning takes away those hidden discoveries. More importantly the objective to have organic time with the person who I want to be with.

Well the weather was cold, 28 the one night, we were in a tent. But the most memorable and best vacation I have ever had. We figured it out together, no we did not freeze. We found this magnificent pink elephant in the middle of Wisconsin, we ended up “NOT planned” an hour from a place my husband has wanted to visit for years in Iowa. Taking a vacation to look for a pink elephant gives us many things, we had time to catch up (we spend so much time existing in life: we need to take time to walk to the elephant: during the walk we were able to check in with each other for more than a text or quick conversation), we had time to nurture (having less plans the Wisconsin Zoo we went to: free admission… we could joyfully watch the animals instead of rushing to the next spot on the itinerary… we also tried some new meatless recipes over a fire, we also found a Presidential library to visit)…..we had time to throw back (we were able to revisit some of the activities we found fun when we did not know each other as well: such as walking like we were characters in the Wizard of Oz).

It is important to take time to have the Destination of a Pink Elephant with the ones you love. I challenge you to set a location to look for that pink elephant……

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I consider myself a life long learner. I believe that only with education and travel is one able to move forward. Each day we should place ourselves in an opportunity to teach and to learn.

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