Do you remember?

There are many things…..

every individual has things, collections, items, unknowns, precious and not so precious, that we place in bins, baskets, boxes, and drawers planning on forever having the same value for:

slowly they are layered upon, new items take value.

This is not just true for the physical and tangible, but emotional as well. One can have the collection of happy memories, sad, frustrating, anger and exciting. We place them safely and securely into our mental compartments. The correlation, with the tangible items and the memories is that they fade. Each day we wake, we live, we eat, we sleep, we become aggravated for seemingly justified reasons, laughter consumes our energy. We can not go back to that emotional experience in the same way. Much like we cannot visit the charm we brought back from that special place in the same manner.

Then one day we get a spark, a trigger for that memory, perhaps a smell, sight, taste, or the ambition to clean that box and we manipulate the object. Yet the manipulation is not the same.

Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to visit the “Uprising Museum” in Warsaw, Poland. There were a group of women depicted in the photo who were aware of the next part of their life journey. They decided to smile for the photo in hopes they would be remembered. How brave these women were. I am sure my short words will not let one know them, or the emotions they had, or emotions felt by myself or the others who stood in silence reading their story. Yet, I did feel a connection. I felt humble, I was honored to share their story and felt a need to share it further.

We all have a story, a collection, we need to be kinder to listen to other people’s stories. Thank you for sharing in part of mine.

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I consider myself a life long learner. I believe that only with education and travel is one able to move forward. Each day we should place ourselves in an opportunity to teach and to learn.

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