Today I was a teacher…

At the end of each day I reflect on my position on this planet.

As I started this blog journey, deciding to take the platform of student and teacher daily, my lens has been broadened. Much of my time I spend learning, I am learning how to embrace aspects of technology, I am learning how to participate in yoga, I am learning various assessments for children, I am learning about different cultures, and so on?
Am I ever a teacher? I work in the early childhood arena, constantly teaching the fundamentals of life. Often adults make the assumptions about what others know and therefore do not know. We are constantly sizing people up with their abilities: based on age, clothing, ethnic background, physical ability, and where we meet them. Well today while using the public library’s computers, a young lady appeared frazzled, she had a visitor library card. I spend much of my time working at the library, and watched her take the “walk of shame” to the librarians desk to ask questions about the computers. Looking over at her, I gave her a “you can do it smile”. She responded, “I don’t want to ask them again.” …Our short conversation, included, “It is their job.” (Now I can truly be empathetic to this walk). I was able to show her how to add money to her card to print, use the printer, and e-mail from the copy machine. Yes, another fundamental skill that she can use to change her daily behavior. Each day we can assume that others know or do not know, each day we can stop and help another person with some fundamental skill. Or we can let them walk unknowing.

Today I was a student….

As a lover of my city, I enjoy exploring the various opportunities. I was recently invited to attend a women’s drumming class. So I went…. I entered with my usual enthusiasm I carry when starting something new: I am good out of the gate. With our musical introductions, I acknowledged that “My name is Andrea and I can not clap on beat.” I was verbally corrected with precision, “That was my yesterday.” Now my old self would have cried or left the room. My new self…..well I re-framed my thoughts and words…”My name is Andrea…..clap……quarter rest….clap.”

Reasons to walk in the mud

today we went for a walk in mud….

what we can learn….. we can be more aware of our balance, (too often we rely on others to keep us in balance)…… we can accept that mud is temporary, at one point it will turn into dirt…(nothing remains the same…. sometimes we focus on a problem that it will last forever)….. we can celebrate the dance in the mud…. (knowing that we may fall….but sometimes we do not fall)….. we can learn that sometimes we need to take a walk in the mud.